The 11 Solutions Telcos Need to Survive COVID-19

Across the world, every industry has felt the effects of COVID-19 in some way, and telco is no exception. Demand for services has never been higher, but physical distancing and gathering limits have caused many telco stores to reduce service or temporarily close altogether.

This is not a short-term challenge; this pandemic will wax and wane over many phases. Telcos will need to endure a cycle of store lockdowns and re-openings until a vaccine becomes widely available.

While stores are important, telcos must think beyond physical retail to find new ways to serve their customers. As we’ve seen from the early days of this pandemic, those who have invested in digital platform solutions are successfully serving customers across many channels, while more traditional retailers have been left in a precarious place.

To thrive during this pandemic (and beyond), telcos need to adapt their retail strategies and quickly implement solutions that will enable digital experiences while taking measures to safely re-open their stores.

In this whitepaper, we will examine:

• How the current situation has impacted telcos, changed consumer behaviour and forced new best practices to emerge.

• 11 tangible solutions that can solve your immediate COVID-19 pain points.

• How omnichannel solutions can help you thrive now – and in the long term.

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