How To Bring 184 Omnichannel Journeys Within Reach

What’s the single most important change telcos can make to increase their profits and customer satisfaction?

Implement an omnichannel experience.

Modern customers want the flexibility to shop using any combination of physical and digital channels. Despite this, many telcos can only offer a few limited journeys and emphasize traditional interactions instead. Unfortunately, this only drives customers to competitors who can offer a more convenient experience.

By investing in an omnichannel-enabled platform, telcos can give customers a true Transact Anywhere experience. This approach puts customers at the centre of their interaction, giving them incredible flexibility so they’re free to move between different touch-points as they process their transactions.

Maplewave has identified 9 main types of omnichannel journeys. When we consider the different start points, fulfillment methods and collection points, this results in 184 possible journey variations.

In this guide, we will examine:

•     How a single-front-end platform gives customers a flexible ‘Transact Anywhere’ experience.

•     How Maplewave’s omnichannel maturity model brings 184 customer journeys within reach.

•     The unique benefits of Maplewave’s platform approach.

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