Digital Transformation in Telco Retail

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How Digital Transformation Will Save Your Telco Retail Store

Digital transformation is one of the most important topics in telco today. As new generations of consumers enter the market, they are radically changing the meaning of retail. To remain relevant, telcos need to respond in a big way.

These young customers live in a connected, instantaneous world and want to buy whatever they want, whenever they want it – in a channel of their choosing. And when they do go to a store, they want to experience the product. They want an interactive journey that is augmented by technology and is personal to them.

This is not possible without digital transformation. Many telcos are burdened by legacy systems that can’t or won’t talk to each other. Not only do they lead to a slow, impersonal store experience that consists of entering the same information over and over into different systems, or signing reams of paper documents – they prevent telcos from capitalizing on new digital channels. If you can’t even see inventory levels at another store location across town, how can you expect to deliver an omnichannel experience where a customer can buy a device online, and have it shipped to them? Or reserve an item from social media and view it in store?

Key Reading on Digital Transformation

We have compiled several articles that provide an in depth look at digital transformation, emerging technologies, the changing retail landscape, and how telcos can meet evolving customer expectations.

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How Telcos can Leverage Social Responsibility to Appeal to Young Customers

Young customers have come of age in a time where environmental and social issues are prevalent. As a result, they are more conscious of these issues and seek out brands that align with their personal values. Here is How Telcos can Leverage Social Responsibility to Appeal to Young Customers.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance the Retail Experience

Although true AI, like robot-greeters, is not yet pervasive in retail, successful companies are leveraging algorithms and big data to create offers that resonate with customers. From personal recommendations to tailored offers, here is How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance the Retail Experience.

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Why Telcos Need to be Social Media Experts

Young customers live on social media. It’s where they document their lives, interact with others, and conduct business. To reach this demographic, telcos need to go where their customers are – and learn to speak their language. Here is Why Telcos Need to be Social Media Experts.

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6 Things Your Telco Staff Must Do to Enable Incredible Customer Experiences

Despite their love of online-everything, young customers still love to shop in-store! But they won’t settle for subpar interactions, and their lack of brand loyalty makes it easy to go elsewhere. Your staff play a key role in orchestrating their experience. Are they doing it right? Here are 6 Things Your Telco Staff Must Do to Enable Incredible Customer Experiences.

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5 Companies Who are Using Personalization to Change Retail Forever

To a young customer, retail is a very personal experience. Unlike past generations, these customers put a lot of time and effort into cultivating their personal brand. As a result, they will not settle for standard products, services or experiences. Here are 5 companies who are using personalization to change retail forever.

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The Death Of Omnichannel And The Emergence Of Transact-Anywhere

Buzzwords may come and go but customer experience is forever. For too long, telcos have taken an IT first mentality and been led astray from achieving a true omnichannel state. Now it’s time to focus on a Transact-Anywhere approach that puts the customer in control. Interested in stitching your channels together and creating a seamless customer experience? Read The Death Of Omnichannel And The Emergence Of Transact-Anywhere.

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The Future of Telco is Transact Anywhere

Telcos know that the solution to poor customer experience can be solved by a customer-centric omnichannel experience (we call this Transact- Anywhere). Still, telcos are struggling to implement it. Here are top challenges that carriers are facing, as gathered from the 2019 CEM in Telecoms World Summit in Singapore. Read The Future of Telco is Transact Anywhere.

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Think You Can Get Away With Your Old In Store Systems? Think Again.

You cannot achieve a positive customer experience using old, legacy systems. It’s time for telcos to stop ignoring the role their systems play in overall customer experience. Don’t believe us? Read Think You Can Get Away With Your Old In Store Systems? Think Again.

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Apple: Retail Do Or Don’t?

When you think Apple, do you think smartphone or fruit? Apple’s solid retail reputation has made them a world-wide leader, but are they resting on it? Brand arrogance is real, and it is deadly. Find out how even the biggest retail brands can avoid slipping and ensure the delivery of A+ customer experiences in Apple: Retail Do Or Don’t?

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TelcoTalk: The Basis Of A Digital Telco Store

Starting your digital transformation? Ignoring these four basic customer experience elements won’t get you very far. Learn how telcos can optimize their customer experience in TelcoTalk: The Basis Of A Digital Telco Store.

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TelcoTalk: The Digital Only Retail Store

Who are you up against – and more importantly, how do you measure up? Customer expectations are high and telcos need to consider how they can rise to the occasion. Learn more about the leaders in the digital retail landscape in TelcoTalk: The Digital Only Retail Store.

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TelcoTalk: Win Your Market In The Next Five Years

What’s the secret to retail success? Two words: Customer Retention. The telco market is super competitive, what are you doing to keep customers coming back? Discover the key areas telcos should be focusing on to keep customer loyal in TelcoTalk: Win Your Market In The Next Five Years.

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TelcoTalk: Top 10 Telco Retail Mistakes

The best mistakes are the ones we learn from. Learn about the most common retail mistakes telcos are making and how you can fix them in TelcoTalk: Top 10 Telco Retail Mistakes.

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TelcoTalk: Four Great Examples Of Digital Retail Tech

What’s one of the biggest missed opportunities in telco retail? Providing experiences that reflect the product. Learn from these four retailers who are levering engaging and entertaining tech to enhance their customer experience in TelcoTalk: Four Great Examples Of Digital Retail Tech.

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TelcoTalk: The Digidextrous Store Model

Designing a telco store? Make sure it’s customer experience focused, or as we like to call it, Digidextrous! Learn what a Digidextrous store entails and how you can bring it to life in TelcoTalk: The Digidextrous Store Model.

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TelcoTalk: Retail Is Not Dead

We repeat, retail is not dead. The threats of OEMs and device sales exist but it isn’t the end. Retailers need to focus on the differentiator that will save them: customer experience. Learn why all hope is not lost in TelcoTalk: Retail Is Not Dead.

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Telco Retail Needs A New RoboCop

Your own personal telco robocop is right under your nose! Learn about the skills your super-salesperson  of the future needs to have, and how you can create them in Telco Retail Needs a New RoboCop.

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New Android Tech Is Telco’s Best Opportunity Yet

During Google’s 2018 I/O conference, a slew of new android features were announced, like enhanced maps, AI-backed Augmented Reality, and more. These features are sure to delight customers – and telcos have a great opportunity if they’re the ones who showcase them to their customers. Read why New Android Tech Is Telco’s Best Opportunity Yet

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It’s 2018…Surely You Don’t Still Use Paper!

Most telco transactions end with the signing of the contract – are you concluding your otherwise great experience on a sour note? By embracing digital contracts, you can delight your customers – and save money at the same time. Find out how by reading It’s 2018…Surely You Don’t Still Use Paper!

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Prepaid And Postpaid Are Dead!

Phone plans are so yesterday, we’re now in the subscription economy! Consumers are tired of pre-set phone plans and are yearning for control over their data, roaming and add-ons. Are you ready to move beyond the phone plan? Find out what the alternative looks like in Prepaid And Postpaid Are Dead!

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How Disruption In Retail Can Amplify Your Store’s Performance

To be successful, telcos need to be disruptors. An effective strategy is to corporate new technologies in their stores that streamline processes while improving the customer experience. Read about the hottest disruptive tech that we saw at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York City in How Disruption In Retail Can Amplify Your Store’s Performance.

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The Robotic Telco Store (No Humans) – Will It Happen?

Everyone’s excited about incorporating digital technologies into the telco retail experience –and there are so many to choose from! But does that translate to a store without humans? Find out by reading The Robotic Telco Store (No Humans) – Will It Happen?

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Telco Retailers – Are Your Systems Holding You Back?

We all know what a great shopping experience looks like; we can quickly find what we want, easily compare a few options, and checkout without much hassle. Unfortunately, this type of experience can be hard to find in a telco store, as many are burdened by slow, archaic processes. Take our quick quiz to see Are Your Systems Holding You Back?

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Retail Is Not Dead And Milk Is The Proof

The retail industry has faced a lot of pressure in recent years, and many are equating the struggles of certain stores/brands to the death of the entire industry. Not to worry, the future of retail is alive and well – it just means putting the customer in charge. To find out how, read Retail Is Not Dead And Milk Is The Proof.

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Retail Is Dead #Notdead

Many people have claimed that retail is dead (or dying), but is that really true? Or have telcos just failed to invest and realize its true potential? Read about the pressures facing telco retail, and the emerging opportunities in Retail is Dead #Notdead.

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Dating Advice For Retailers

Retail interactions are a lot like first dates. Good ones involve a lot of eye contact, listening and positive body language. The bad ones? If the one you’re courting walks out, that’s a pretty bad sign! So how can you ensure the start of a beautiful relationship? Read Dating Advice For Retailers.


Telcos need to start their digital transformations now if they want to capitalize on the connected, personal experiences that today’s customers are demanding. With the right digital infrastructure, telcos will be free to capitalize on any digital journey imaginable. However, if they fail to do so, they will fade into irrelevancy in the minds of their youngest customers and become just a data provider, another utility, like the electricity or gas company.

If you’re ready to start your digital transformation, we are always ready to help.

Maplewave’s Digital Transformation Story

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