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Self-Service in Telecoms

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about telecom self-service, in one place. In this blog, we’ve compiled several resources that give the inside scoop on how telcos can create a great self-service experience.

5 Companies Who Are Doing Self-Service Right

Self-service options are the retail experiences of the future. In this blog, we examine 5 great examples of self-service, and the lessons that telcos can take from them.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Telecom Self-Service Solutions

Self-service channels have become a huge opportunity for telecoms amid the pandemic! Here’s our list of do’s and don’ts for including these solutions in your channel strategy.

Does Maplewave Really Walk the Corporate Culture Talk? A Newbie’s Investigation

Is working for Maplewave as fun and flexible as advertised? Our brand-new HR hire, Bailey, shares the findings of her investigation and explores how our people really feel about Maplewave’s culture.

Part 2: A Supply Chain Q&A with Maplewave’s SVP of Global Development

In Part 2, we’ve posed 4 more questions regarding supply chain resilience, the impact of COVID-19, and what the future looks like to Brad Lapin, SVP of Global Business Development at Maplewave. ‍

Dating Advice for Retailers

“People buy from people they like”. True? Absolutely!