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Rogers Saves 87% of Their Contract Costs with Paperless

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In 2015, Rogers Communications wrote off paper contracts forever. Maplewave’s digital contract solution, Paperless, was the perfect way improve their operations while saving money and protecting customer information.


Rogers Communications is the largest telecom provider in Canada with over 10 million subscribers. They offer a quad-play model, including wireless, cable, telephone and internet services. They are also heavily involved in media and broadcasting. They have approximately 2500 branches across Canada.
The Problem

Rogers was motivated to go paperless for several reasons. They wanted to reduce their operational costs and loved the idea of being able to save money on paper, shipping, storage and administration.

They also wanted a customer-friendly solution that would improve the in-store experience.

Lastly, they needed a system that was secure and could offer superior protection of customer information.


Maplewave rolled out their Paperless product to 2500 Rogers locations in a phased approach. The first phase started in 2015, and the last independent stores were finalized in February of 2017. The long rollout schedule naturally had its demands, and the rollout to Rogers’ independent dealer locations involved visiting over 100 branches in-person across Canada.

The pilot phase had its own challenges. Initially, dealers’ unfamiliarity with the product meant that they were slow to start using Paperless. Once Maplewave was able to demonstrate the benefits to them, the adoption rate soared. Rogers now maintains an 85% utilization rate in their stores.

The Solution

Rogers chose Paperless because they needed a channel-agnostic solution that could meet their needs while being scalable enough to handle future requirements.

Maplewave deftly handled the complex rollout and ensured a high utilization rate for the product.

With Paperless in place, Rogers’ customer experience was enhanced. Instead of signing two copies of a large paper contract at the end of the transaction, customers could now digitally sign the contract one time – and immediately receive a copy via email.

Staff appreciated the change as well. Without paper, they were able to re-allocate a significant portion of their budget – as well as recoup the time they would have spent filing. They particularly loved being able to immediately reprint contracts on the spot.

I used to order two cases of paper per month, and since Paperless, I am on one case of paper for the last 5 months! Now I can use my budget for other things!!!
-Valentino Mais, Young and Bloor Store location


On average, Rogers has reduced their contract costs by 87%, saving $1.52 per contract. Processing between 3-4 million contracts per year, this represents a significant cost savings.

With only one copy to sign, customers spend half the time signing contracts as before, which has dramatically improved the customer experience.

Lastly, contract compliance has improved, without an increase to transaction time.


Paperless has transformed the contract signing experience for Rogers. The secure signing process delights customers while giving them improved contract security. It has also provided Rogers with a huge recurring cost savings, giving them a true competitive advantage.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your in-store experience, contact Maplewave to see how we can transform you into an industry leader.