Progresif Debuts New Experience Store

Maplewave client, Progresif, has unveiled its new experience store in Brunei. A news article released this week on the Borneo Bulletin describes the new store design, which was a joint effort between Maplewave and Toronto-based Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD).

The goal of the project was to re-imagine what the retail experience could be. Featuring modern customer journeys, an in-store café, “Experience Pods” and a co-working space for start-up partners, the new concept store offers an interactive experience that broadens Progresif’s reach and increases visit time.

“Delivering on the promise to transform retail and drive progress for Brunei was the key theme”, said Progresif’s Chief Sales Officer, Junaidi bin Bahrum.

Maplewave’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Will Gibson, intimately understands the impact that store design has on the customer experience. “This project is truly transformational. Building on the unique brand proposition that positions Progresif as the champion for national culture in Brunei, the new retail spaces had to be engaging - encouraging customer dwell time and exploration. The space had to be digital and human, with a philanthropic angle that really sets Progresif apart internationally in South East Asia. It’s a stunning achievement and I’m really proud to have helped shaped this journey, along with our excellent design partners at SLD”.

Progresif joined the Maplewave family in 2020 with the goal of modernizing their customer experience and making services more accessible, affordable, and convenient.  

Maplewave congratulates Progresif on their success and looks forward to helping them achieve their future goals.

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