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We’ve been building healthier businesses for pharmacy retailers since the early 1990’s. A few years before, our founder created his own point of sale system to manage his chain of music stores after he discovered there were no suitable options in the marketplace. The result was our first program, a truly comprehensive system that managed sales, inventory, rentals and commissions with ease. Soon, word of his POS solution spread to local pharmacy owners.

While pharmacies share many commonalities with the general retailer, they also have specific needs such as prescription integrations, flyer promotions, home health care rentals and more. With a few targeted integrations, our retail offering was perfectly suited for the industry – so much so, that many of our earliest pharmacy customers are still using it today.

If your looking for a remedy to your retail challenges and want to make your business much more profitable, we want to be your long-term pharmacy retail partner. Please drop us a line or visit us today!

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Designed for Pharmacy

We have decades of experience serving the needs of our pharmacy clients. This has shaped the development of our products to ensure they address the unique challenges of the industry such as prescription and loyalty integrations, flyer pricing and more. We also provide our pharmacy clients with a “fast cash” touch-screen to facilitate the rapid successive transactions that are common in this environment.


Our software can be configured to work with many common pharmacy integrations such as Kroll and McKesson, as well as supplemental integrations for PIN pads, gift card and loyalty programs, bill payments, flyer pricing imports, receipt surveys and national buying programs.

Powerful Features

More than just a Point of Sale solution, our retail products address every facet of pharmacies’ operations. This ranges from order building, payment collecting, and promotions – to complete inventory management. Our system can even manage accounts, financing, and rental fleets. It’s all you’ll ever need.

Banner-Wide Standardization

Pharmacies that are part of a banner can leverage our capabilities and expertise to ensure standardization across the entire organization. We can help set up your systems so that they are configured the same way, no matter the location. The value of a standardized inventory is realized through simplified buying decisions and managing flyer programs in a highly competitive marketplace.

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