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Telco Retail is Our Calling

Maplewave is the premier provider of software and retail optimization services for the telecommunications (telco) industry. Since the early 1990s, we’ve purpose-built our products and services to solve telco’s unique challenges. Our offerings transform our customers into market leaders by giving them unparalleled insight into every aspect of their retail operations and delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Today, our software is used in over 40 countries. In certain places, you can’t buy a mobile phone without using Maplewave software. Our original products were built for retailers by retailers. Our real-world experience underpins everything we do, no matter the industry. Many of our earliest customers were pharmacy and general retailers – many of whom we continue to serve today.

At the heart of Maplewave is our proprietary Amplifier process. For businesses that are struggling to remain competitive or are just trying to understand what comes next, our consultants offer thought leadership and expertise on all aspects of their business to hone their strategic direction.

We also drive transformation through our products. Designed for telco, our modular, end-to-end retail platform unites every element of the wireless retail environment to deliver true business insight and a seamless customer experience.

Headquartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Maplewave’s global footprint includes major footholds in South Africa and the U.K.



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Nothing is sacred except doing the right thing.

That’s what we do at Maplewave. And we’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years. It’s not easy, and sometimes it can get messy. But in the end, we get it done for the benefit of our clients and our people.

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Meet Our Team

Who works at Maplewave? Only the most dynamic and diverse minds in Atlantic Canada. People who like to see their ideas come to life and benefit thousands around the world every day. Those who zoom past excellence to bring solutions to companies from Papua New Guinea, to Holyrood, Newfoundland, with quick stops in Johannesburg and Jamaica.

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