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Nothing is sacred except doing the right thing.

That’s what we do at Maplewave. And we’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years. It’s not easy, and sometimes it can get messy. But in the end, we get it done for the benefit of our clients and our people.

This means telling the truth, even when it’s ugly.

After all, that’s what a good partner does. It doesn’t matter whether we’re working on a solution for a customer, developing a new partnership, or simply finding a way to do things more efficiently. We’re always driving improvement.

We are a bend-but-don’t-break group of individuals. Our backgrounds are as varied and eccentric as the requests of our clients. We draw on that experience to find the best solution, even when it’s not easily seen.

We work collaboratively with our customers to shine the light on their hidden potential. And we always get it done, even when it seems improbable.We promise to always give our best. After all, it’s the right thing to do.

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Our Values

We take the guesswork out of retail performance by providing a unified view of the truth


The world is not a static place, and neither are we. Being flexible helps us adapt to any situation, whether it is accommodating the needs of our clients, or supporting our staff members. This approach empowers our team to always do what’s right.


We really care. Really. We care deeply about our customers’ success and take pride in our work. We will always go the extra mile to do what’s right.


It takes a well-oiled machine to move mountains. In our fast-paced industry, no single person can do it alone. Our team-mindset helps us rise to the challenge and “get it done”.


We always deliver. We are committed to our customers, our people, and our vision. Our never-give-up attitude ensures we always come through.


We’re an open book. We have learned that giving the most authentic version of ourselves is what brings success to ourselves and our clients. We will always be upfront, no matter the circumstances.

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