Deloitte UK Retail Trends 2018

Retail is not dead – but in the UK it is hurting a little!

Footfall data released by Deloitte shows that in the UK, peak seasonal footfall was down by 5.5%. Despite this, however, turnover was actually up 3.4%.

The real story is the continued rise of online, which grew by 9.4% in the same period.

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Maplewave Comment

The three themes that Deloitte mentions in the report as “2018 trends” have long been espoused by our thought leaders:

1. Re-Imagine your Store:  We have done this with in partnership with many retailers. Contact us if you’d like to know how to put “Digital in your Physical”.

2. Experiment with Experience: This should be table stakes for the average telco, but often stores are stuck as dull customer service centres, with little experience or retailing actually happening.

3. Transform Your Business:  Showcase your values and your corporate and social responsibility via your stores – what could be better than telling your customers about the thousands of trees you save each year as a result of going “Paperless”? Contact us to find out how!

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