Maplewave Prepares Telcos for Next-Gen Customers at Singapore's CEM Summit

Classroom of employees at BTCL taking training on the Maplewave software.

Next month, Maplewave will attend the 2019 CEM Telecoms World Summit. Held on April 25-26th in Singapore, the summit features expert speakers from across the telco industry that will present on various topics surrounding customer experience management.

Maplewave's VP of Marketing and Amplifier, Will Gibson, will present his keynote, “From Retail to Me-Tail”; a standout at other summits, Gibson's presentation focuses on the expectations of telco's youngest customers and the changes telcos must make in order to stay relevant with future generations.

In their March 19th article, Disruptive Asia published an interview with Gibson that discusses the upcoming keynote, as well as the role that technology and systems play in helping telcos meet the ever-changing expectations of their young customers.Read the article here:

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