Mobile Becomes Key Driver for Telkom

Maplewave client, Telkom, is in the midst of a mobile boom. In a news article released this week on South African tech site, ITWeb, mobile business growth was cited as a definitive bright light for the group in an otherwise difficult year.

Telkom joined the Maplewave family in 2014 with the goal of revolutionizing their mobile operations. Burdened by a number of unintegrated legacy systems, Telkom stores suffered from long transaction times, poor stock availability and low customer satisfaction.

Maplewave's retail platform gave Telkom an integrated system that worked with their complex billing architecture and solved the inventory and experience problems that had plagued their mobile operations.

Most importantly, Maplewave's integrated technologies have facilitated the success of Telkom's revolutionary FreeMe product. A unique model in the industry, FreeMe plans are based on data usage, and supply many features for free, including texts, calls, and Wi-Fi access.

Since FreeMe's launch, Telkom's mobile service revenue has grown by 47.2% to almost R5.2 billion.

"Our mobile business is now a key driver of growth in the group, offsetting the decline in BCX and Openserve," says Telkom group CEO, Sipho Maseko.

Some key stats:

  • Active mobile subscribers grew by 30%, to 5.2 million.
  • Postpaid subscribers increased by 20.5% (250,000 subscribers).
  • 30% of postpaid subscribers have adopted the FreeMe product suite as their base plan.
  • Postpaid ARPU has increased by 5.8%.
  • Prepaid subscribers have increased by 34.6%.
  • Prepaid ARPU has increased by 21.4%.

Maplewave congratulates Telkom on their success and looks forward to helping them achieve their future goals.

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