Indirect Sales App - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our Indirect Sales App.

Sales Transactions.

Process Sales

  • Search for or scan items (devices, accessories, SIMs) and add them to the transaction.

  • Capture serial numbers for serialized items.

  • Initiate a “quick sale” using a generic customer record for speedy checkouts.

Pre-Paid Plan Purchase

  • Plan Purchase feature can be used to quickly complete a one-off purchase of a prepaid plan.


  • E-top-ups just require a phone number and amount to complete.

  • View customers’ current balances.

Bill Payment

  • Integrates to bill payment systems.

  • Easily process customer bill payments.


  • Supports all major tenders and mobile money.

  • Custom tenders can also be defined.

  • Collect deposits.

  • Supports Foreign Fund Exchange.


  • View receipts on the device.

  • Receipts can be printed or sent to customers via email, SMS, etc.


  • Process refunds and voids.

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Customer Management.

Customer Management

  • Create new customer records and capture key information.

  • Search for existing customers.

  • Update customers’ details.

  • Configure alerts to appear for certain customers.

Inventory Management.

View Inventory

  • View on-hand inventory, including item number, quantity, units on order, and price.

Purchase Orders

  • Create purchase orders in a few taps.

  • Simple receiving process saves time.

  • Bulk-receive sequential serials.

  • Approvals functionality can be used to approve or deny purchase order requests.

  • Low stock notifications can be sent when inventory drops below a certain level.

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Campaigns & Promotions.

Campaigns & Promotions

  • Push campaigns and promotions that further encourage app usage.

  • Customize campaign/promotion messages.

  • Configure offers to be displayed during a specific date range.


Flexible Commissions

  • Accommodates any commission structure, including highly complex ones.

  • As products are sold, commissions are displayed in real-time.

  • Displays dealer commissions (from carrier to dealer).

  • Displays salesperson incentives (from carrier to clerk).

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Supported Languages

  • Out of the box supported languages include English, Spanish and French.

  • Can be used in any language if appropriate translations are provided.

In-App Tutorials

  • How-to videos can be incorporated directly into the app.

  • Reduces training and support costs.

  • Videos can be promoted during a configured date range.


User Access Control

  • Define permissions based on job role.

  • Modify permissions at the user level.

  • Dealer staff logins work at any location in the network.

  • Create permission templates by user role for simple administration.


  • Can be customized with company logo and brand colours.

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  • Sales Summary report shows the quantities of items that were sold within a defined date range.

  • Transaction report provides item-level detail for all transactions that were completed within a defined date range.

System Integrations.

Maplewave Platform

Maplewave’s Indirect Sales App works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

Other Systems

  • Integrates with top-up distribution systems to ensure credit limits.

  • Integrates with billing stacks to eliminate the need for duplicate entry.

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