Point of Sale - Technical Features.

Explore the technical features of our telecom POS.

Transactions & Tendering.

Add Items to Sale

  • Add items by SKU, IMEI, serial number, barcode scan, item number, item description or through search.

  • Automatically add linked or dependent items (e.g. SIM card).

Tendering Sales

  • Supports all major tender methods.  

  • Define custom tenders.  

  • Use multiple tenders for a single transaction.

  • Automatically applies comprehensive discounts.

  • Supports foreign fund exchanges.


  • Customize receipts and statements with graphics and messaging.

  • Preview receipts.

  • Email copies of receipts.  

  • Includes plan details, features purchased, and handset replacement cost.

Integrated Sales – Loyalty & Entanglement Programs

  • Supports sale of gift cards, carrier-branded services, and warranties.

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Post-Sale Activities.

Exchange / Refund / Void Sales

  • Supports exchanges, refunds, and voids.

  • Can prompt for secondary authorization.

  • Issue refunds/exchanges by receipt or customer history.

Recall Previous Transactions

  • All transactions are tied to the customer/receipt number.

  • Reprint receipts and debit/credit slips.

  • Find receipts without receipt number or client name.

Customer History

  • Retrieve transaction history from local customer profiles.

  • View customer profiles and history from any location.

Cash Balancing

  • Supports integrated cash balancing and reconciliation.

  • Perform cash balancing by cash drawer or clerk.

  • Blind configurations are available for increased security.



  • Simple workflows make it easy to use and train new staff.

  • Prompts staff to recommend appropriate products/services.

System Linked Portals

  • Link multiple web portals to the POS for easy access (training materials, policies, notices, offers, etc.).

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Enforcement of Selling Price

  • Automatically adjusts hardware and plan pricing based on enterprise product catalogs.

  • Reduces pricing inconsistencies via centralized permissions.

Prices & Product Catalog

  • Calculates the price of devices and service packages, making it easy to provide pricing and stock availability.

  • Manage pricing/promotions through digital inventory records.

User Permissions & Administration.

User Access Control

  • Define permissions based on job role.

  • Modify permissions at the user level.

  • Dealer staff logins work at any location in the network.

  • Create permission templates by user role for simple administration.

  • Supports industry standards, such as SAML, OAUTH, and OpenID.

New Location Setup

  • Set up new locations in a few steps.

Application Access

  • Facilitates automated logins to third-party applications, including Active Directory.

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System Integrations.

Maplewave Platform

Maplewave’s POS works seamlessly with the rest of our platform.

  • Paperless Transactions: Allow customers to digitally sign contracts, in-store or remotely, as part of the sales flow.

  • Tablet Sales: Orders can be built on a tablet from the sales floor for ultimate flexibility.

  • Inventory Management: Sales data is automatically tied to replenishment calculations.

  • BI & Reporting: All sales activity can be tracked in real-time, down to the transaction-level.


  • Carrier Activation Portal.

  • Payment Processors.

  • Gift Card Programs.

  • Bill Payments Processing.

  • Phone Trade-Ins/Appraisals.

  • Mobile Money Solutions.

  • Queuing & Appointment Systems.

  • Credit Check & Number Porting.

  • Single Sign On.

  • Enterprise Product Catalog.

  • Electronic Prepaid Vouchers.

Full Business Process Integration

  • Real-time communication between the store, supply chain, activation portal, and other locations.

Architecture & Channel Structure.

Supported Platforms

  • Supports desktop, tablet, and smart phone interfaces.

  • Experience can be customized for each platform. 


  • Includes both client server and web-based components.

Channel Structure Design

  • Group retail locations in sets/subsets.

  • Run reports based on location/type to assess targeted promotions and compare performance across locations.

  • Currency conversion enables comparisons across markets.

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