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Platform Return On Investment

Results, Guaranteed.

When you choose to work with Maplewave, we guarantee that your project will be a success. How do we know this? Because after 30 years of improving businesses all around the world, we have solved our customers’ pain points, time and time again – and we have the data to prove it.

To be this successful, you need top notch products, and a well-managed rollout. One of the biggest keys to our success is how we start a new project; we always make sure it forecasts a positive business case. If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll tell you so upfront (though, we almost always can!).

We can help with project scoping, ROI forecasts and business case planning so your steering committee truly understands the deliverables of our work. You won’t be disappointed!

Measurable Results

Our successes are well documented:

Operator 1

Saved 85% of their contract costs with our Paperless module alone – $1.44 per transaction!

Operator 2

Gained $5M USD write-back to their balance sheet in Year 1 after cleaning up their inventory with our Supply module.

Operator 3

Increased revenue by over 8% in the first year after deploying our full retail platform. This can be attributed to improved in-store availability and faster transaction times.

Operator 4

Saved over $2M per year in OPEX from using our Transact module, which enabled them to reduce their headcount due to faster in-store processes.

Operator 5

Gained $8M in profit in year one after a full deployment of our retail platform. They were able deploy, run and incentivise an Accessory Program right from our Transact module.

Operator 6

Improved bad debt by over 70%, with a $5 saving per transaction on subscriber fraud.

Endless Benefits

Our Retail Platform provides true value for your world. Here are just some of the ways we do that:

Strong Cost Savings

  • Shorter transaction times reduce headcount.
  • Streamlined processes reduce man hours
  • Reduced stockholding frees up cash.
  • Fraud management reduces loss.

Operational Efficiency

  • Improved availability means lower walk outs.
  • Increased acquisition by stock in the right place.
  • Faster transactions mean more capacity.
  • Campaign Management eliminates mistakes.
  • Ability to manage accessories, wearables and SPIVs = success.

Increased Sales

  • Freed up working capital due to lower overall stockholding.
  • A cleaner balance sheet by reducing obsolescence.
  • Optimize inventory so stock is there when you need it.

What's Your ROI?

If you’d like to learn more about the value we drive for our customers, we’d love to hear from you.

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