TelcoTalk: Four Great Examples Of Digital Retail Tech

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Picture the telco store of the future. Are you shopping in virtual reality or 3D-printing your custom phone case? What if I told you the “future” is already here?

Forward-thinking retailers are already using cutting edge technologies to delight and retain loyal customers across highly competitive markets.

Ruling Retailers

So, who are these futuristic retail leaders? I’ve compiled a list of four companies that are using technology to enhance their customer’s experience:

1. Lego. Let’s start with Lego. Their products have gotten so intricate over the years that a simple picture on a box can’t capture how cool the toy actually is.

Enter augmented reality stations. It works like this, customers scan the barcode on the Lego box and are presented with a 3D image of the assembled toy. Much more intriguing than a simple photo. I know my own son would love that.

2. Clark’s. Shoe retailers have upped their game too.

Clark’s stores in the United Kingdom have installed shoe sizing technology that not only accurately scans your foot for the perfect fit – but also tells you which shoes are available in your size. No more waiting, no more ancient metal sizing contraptions. Brilliant!

3. Verizon. Moving to Telco now – Verizon in the United States has installed in-store device case printers to let customers design their own accessories. Customers use the simple tablet instore to design their case and after a few minutes, walk out with their case fully printed. Talk about creating a personal customer experience.

4. Ralph Lauren. Now, I like to shop for clothes, but I hate carrying a bunch of shirts into the changing room, and then having to find a salesperson or shout over the door when I want another size or color.

Ralph Lauren has found a brilliant way around this problem. They have invested in smart changing room mirrors. These mirrors show customers in real time what a shirt would look like in another color and you can also request assistance from the sales staff. This is so important – since customers are seven times more likely to purchase something if they try it on rather than just looking at it on the shelf.

A Common Thread

So, what do these companies have in common? They have implemented customer-first strategies that capture the imagination and provide the best in-store experience possible. We all need to recognize that experience drives shopping behaviors.

We know that not all carriers are approaching their retail outlets this way. The telco store experience does not match the products being sold. Carriers need to make significant investments to keep their customers attention.

In my next blog, I’ll present the top 10 mistakes telco retailers are making.

Did you like this blog? To watch the TelcoTalk video series, visit Maplewave’s YouTube Channel.

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