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Digital Transformation

It felt like forever, but after 45 minutes we finally signed the contract and left with our new postpaid device.

How complicated can it be to buy a new phone? Often, it’s more than it should be. After getting to the store, fighting to get a salesperson’s attention, entering the same information over and over again into multiple systems, and signing a stack of papers, we were finally finished. In today’s instant-gratification world, it felt like forever.Does this sound like an engaging experience? And do you think your customer would return again, if given the choice?This is a situation we frequently encounter at Maplewave. Whether we’re evaluating a new client’s systems before a rollout, or mystery shopping as part of a consulting exercise, we’re keenly aware of how disconnected systems can devastate the customer experience.

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Legacy Systems

The reality is, as much as telcos want to deliver a compelling experience, they are handcuffed by their legacy infrastructure. Over the years, they have cobbled together disparate systems into a delicate balancing act. Between the point of sale, billing system, inventory and miscellaneous integrations, it’s not uncommon for a telco to use up to 30 different systems to process a simple sale.

These systems don’t talk to each other well, if at all. That’s why it can take up to 3 times longer to provision a device than it should.

Disconnected systems cost more than time, ‘ they negatively influence customer experience, productivity, and sales performance.

The Digital Transformation Dream

In a world where literally everything can be bought instantly online, a 45-minute sales process just doesn’t cut it anymore. Fortunately, telcos are starting to realize the benefits that digital transformation can bring.

Digital transformation has many implications, but fundamentally it’s about incorporating digital technologies into your business to radically change how you operate and deliver value to your customers. It’s also about expanding services into new digital channels so customers can be served in new ways.

The New In-Store Experience

When telco systems can finally talk to each other, the in-store experience is taken to another level. Staff no longer have to repeatedly enter the same information on different systems, speeding up the overall transaction. Paper-based processes, like contract signing and walk-out-working forms, are digitized for an improved experience and a significant reduction in cost. New sales tools can be leveraged, like greeting & queuing software so customers can be processed in a timely fashion. And sales representatives have constant access to key information, like inventory levels, upsell opportunities, and more.

Transactions in Every Channel

Physical stores clearly benefit from digital transformation, but it also opens up new channels for telcos to capitalize on. Today’s customers want to shop how and when they want ‘ whether that’s in-store, online, or from their couch at home. By replacing outdated systems with digital infrastructure, telcos can expand their sales reach into channels like e-commerce, self-care apps and kiosks. New technologies open up a new world of interaction.

Now customers can order a new device, and have it shipped to their home. They can change their phone plan without setting foot in a store. They can make an appointment with an in-store advisor ahead of time so they don’t have to wait in the store for one to become available. This approach is something we call Transact-Anywhere.

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The Cycle of Disconnection

The multi-channel environment offers incredible opportunity, but the proof is in the details. Many telcos have rushed to capitalize on the digital market by buying piecemeal solutions for each channel. Unfortunately, they have put themselves back in the same predicament with different systems that don’t or can’t talk to each other.

Instead of buying separate retail products, telcos need to choose a digital platform that gives a consistent experience in every channel. Platforms also give a 360-degree view of all customer interactions, making it possible to use data to generate personal offers that resonate.

Maplewave’s Agile Platform

Maplewave’s digital platform is the solution that telcos need. Using an agile, modern technology stack, our modular solution is built in a building-block fashion that makes it easy for different systems to work together.

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Modern Technology Stack: Maplewave’s platform uses a modern architecture that leverages microservices, open APIs, containerization, and is dockerised for easy deployment.

Single Interface: Our flexible architecture makes it easy to integrate several systems into a single interface, and automated swivel steps eliminate the need to repeatedly enter information into different systems.

Dynamic Capabilities: Maplewave offers a fully-featured, modular platform that satisfies any telco need:

  • Customer Experience & Queue Management: Greet customers, place them into a queue, then use mobile sales tools to build orders from anywhere in the store.
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  • Point of Sale: Our comprehensive POS can be integrated into almost any system and effortlessly processes transactions with little training time.
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  • Digital Contracts: Digitally sign, seal, store, verify and retrieve all customer transaction documents; can also be used to digitize walk out working procedures.
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  • Inventory Management: Comprehensive inventory controls track the lifecycle of all serialised inventory so that the right stock is always in the right place at the right time.
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  • Business Intelligence & Reporting: Uses dashboards to present complex concepts and drive business decisions.
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Cost & Time Savings: Flexible architecture makes it easier and less expensive to deploy and integrate different systems.

All-Channels Presence: Our connected solution makes Transact-Anywhere possible. Telcos can now offer services in any channel, including in-store, online, kiosks, door-to-door.

Improved Experience: Telcos can now give customers the same experience in all channels, which improves the overall experience. The in-store experience is also faster, and reps can spend more of their time interacting with customers, and less time processing transactions.

Personal Recommendations: Because the systems are connected throughout the customer journey, it’s now possible to collect data and use it to build a complete picture of the customer. Telcos can leverage this data to build personal offers and recommendations that resonate, resulting in increased sales.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

If you’re considering a digital transformation, but aren’t sure how or where to start, our Amplifier consulting team is ready to help.

Optimize Comprehensive Telco Consultation (Digital Transformation Focus): Optimize is an immersive process that examines your pain points and generates a report full of quick wins and long term projects, and any future threats. We examine your pain points and systems, and how they are affecting the customer experience. At the end of the process, you will understand what your competitors are doing in regard to digital transformation, how you can capitalize on the ‘transact-anywhere’ environment that lets customers interact in all channels, as well as a plan to replace your disconnected systems.

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Head shot of Grant Carstensen, SVP, Product & Solutions

Grant Carstensen

VP, Digital Transformation

Grant is an accomplished IT professional who brings a strong focus to the predictable delivery of quality software while linking business values to software solutions.

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Digital Transformation is just one piece of the puzzle. To be successful in today’s climate, telcos also need a top-notch retail experience and efficient inventory management. Do you know what else you’re missing?

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