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Mobile POS for Dealers/Outlets

Transact Dealer

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Become Your Dealers’ Go-To Provider

What if you could encourage dealers to sell more of your products versus your competitors?

In the dealer and third-party channels, there is little incentive to sell one CSP’s products over another’s. A customer needs a SIM card? The salesperson won’t recommend your brand’s if the sales process is overly difficult. But with the right sales tools that make it easy to sell your products, you can sway the odds in your favour.

Maplewave’s Transact Dealer App is a unique offering. Designed exclusively for the telco dealer/outlet environment, Transact Dealer offers many advantages for the salesperson, making them more likely to recommend your products.

Salespeople also benefit from being able to see commission information in near real-time. This includes both dealer commissions (from carrier to dealer), as well as salesperson incentives (from carrier to clerk). And the app can also be used to show current promotions and campaigns.

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Dealer App Benefits

Increased Sales

The straightforward app is easy to use, encouraging dealers to sell your products over your competitors’.

Real-Time Commissions Info

Commission information is displayed in near real-time, which reinforces desired sales behaviour. 

Campaigns & Promotions

The app can be used to communicate campaigns and promotions, which further encourages use.

Inventory Visibility

The app enables inventory visibility in the indirect channel.

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Key Features

Easy to Use

Transact Dealer is extremely easy to use. Transactions can be processed in a few steps, and workflows are optimized for the types of sales that are common in this channel.

Flexible Commission Rules

Transact Dealer can accommodate any commission structure, including highly complex ones. As products are sold, commissions are displayed in real-time.

Integrates with Billing System

Transact Dealer can be integrated to your billing stack to eliminate the need for duplicate entry.

Multiple Language Support

Currently supported languages include English, Spanish and French.

In-App Tutorials

How-to videos can be incorporated directly into the app to reduce training and support costs.

Integrates to Maplewave Platform

Transact Dealer communicates with the rest of our platform. This means it can share key functionality, and analytics are accessible through our reporting module

Key Features

Single Entry

By integrating to the carrier’s activation portal, Transact provides a single-entry point of sales, dramatically improving data integrity and improving the customer experience through shortened transaction times.

Full Business Process Integration

View customers who are waiting for service in real-time as well as their reason for visiting the store.

Add Items To Sale

Multiple sales-entry methods are supported including: IMEI, serial number, barcode scanning, item number and item description. Clerks can also search for inventory from the sales screen. Transact can automate the addition of items through linkage of products or enforcing dependent items to be added (SIM card).

Tendering Sales

Transact supports all major tender methods. Custom tenders can also be defined to address business requirements. Multiple tenders can be used to pay a single transaction. Transact can be configured to use comprehensive discount programs; discounts are automatically applied at the time of a sale. Gift cards and loyalty programs are also supported.

Exchange / Refund / Void Sales

Transact supports exchanges, refunds and voids (these activities can be configured to require secondary authorization). Refunds and exchanges can be issued by receipt number or by accessing customer sales history.


Receipts can be customized to incorporate company graphics, specific location and any desired messaging. Statement layouts can also be customized. All receipts can be previewed prior to printing and can be emailed directly to the customer. Receipts can include plan details, features purchased and handset replacement cost which, due to carrier subsidies, can result in varying prices.