The Do’s and Don’ts of Telecom Self-Service Solutions

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So, you want to implement self-service solutions? Great!

Self-service channels promote efficiency, save costs, and are widely used by customers of all demographics, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. But before you embark on your self-service implementation, we thought we’d share our do’s and don’t of self-service solutions!  

Do what makes sense for your customers and your market

The uniqueness of the telco industry is why we love it (and is the driving force behind what we do at Maplewave). Every telco market is different. What works in one corner of the world, may not work in the other.

For example, if the country you operate in largely uses cash, you’ll want to ensure the kiosk solution you invest in accepts, handles, and stores cash securely. Alternatively, if the country you operate in depends on card payments, you’ll want to ensure the bill payment function of your self-care app provides a seamless, user-friendly customer experience.  

Self-service is an addition to your overall channel strategy, and it has to fit. It may take a little research, but by determining the self-service journeys your customers desire and implementing those channels, your investment will pay off big time!

Don’t think of self-service solutions as a replacement

Let’s get one thing straight-self-service journeys are not going to totally replace physical retail.

There are always going to be transactions and interactions that require human contact. Self-service solutions simply create additional journey options for your customers.

Self-service channels are perfect for repeatable, “lower-value” interactions like bill payments or top-ups. As an example, self-care apps are a great way for customers to make changes to their data plan. With just a few presses of a button, they can avoid a trip to the store for a relatively simple change.

Physical retail channels, on the other hand, are where you want your “high-value” interactions to take place, like device purchases. For example, customers looking to upgrade to the newest iPhone want to experience the device before they buy it. The retail store is more appropriate for this type of transaction as it allows the customer to ask questions and interact with the device before purchase.

Together, these channels all contribute to a wider omnichannel experience and create a positive customer experience at every touchpoint.

Do enable awesome journeys for your customers

This may seem like a no-brainer, but self-service solutions give telcos the opportunity to create amazing experiences that put the customer in charge!

Self-service solutions truly allow your customers to interact with you wherever, whenever, however. Their experiences aren’t disrupted or limited by store hours, travel, time, or queues.

Self-service journeys also offer something customers value most, and that’s safety. By removing the requirement of face-to-face interactions with store reps in a busy store, in a crowded mall, self-service channels keep people safe and provide peace of mind – because let’s face it, not everyone is comfortable mingling yet (evening if they can)!

Simply put, self-service journeys enable a true omnichannel experience sought out by all customers today.

Don’t think self-service solutions are too expensive for your budget

The upfront costs of new solutions can always raise questions, but the ROI on these solutions is incredible.

As part of your self-service solution implementation, you should take a broader look at your entire channel strategy. The odds are, you’re overspending in one or two channels, and by relocating that budget towards self-service channels, you will save in the long term.

We expand on this topic in our new whitepaper, Telco’s Self-Service Future: 4 solutions that cut costs, boost profits, and delight customers. Many self-service solutions recoup their investment in the first year alone. It truly is a win-win!

There you have it! If you’d like to chat more about what self-service solutions can do for your business, reach out to Maplewave today!

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