The Top Six Ways Telcos Let Their Customers Down

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We're calling the bluff on claims that Amazon ruined retail.The only retail is that is “ruined” is bad retail - and rightfully so. Modern consumers know what a good customer experience is. In markets with high penetration, like telco, customer experience is the differentiator.

New Opportunities

The expansion of channels, thanks to the digital world, allows consumers to interact with brands in the channels of their choice, when and where they desire.Retail can no longer be transaction-focused. Telco retail needs to create engaging, efficient and meaningful experiences between the customer and the brand in every channel.

Stop Letting Customers Down

Despite the urgency to create experiences that keep customers happy and loyal, telcos are not delivering. Too often customers are let down, frustrated, irritated and confused when they interact with a telco; the experiences are disconnected, and the journeys are limited.If telcos are going to create positive customer experiences, they need to stop:

  1. Ignoring customers. Too many customers can walk in and out of a telco store without being engaged by any employees. Telcos need smart concierges to help guide customers to the appropriate section of the store based on their needs and serving them quickly. Tip: Offer the ability to book in-store appointments ahead of time.
  1. Skipping training. When customers seek assistance, they don't want to be handed from one rep to another with no solution. Customer experience-focused stores have trained employees who can answer questions, solve problems and identify selling opportunities. Sales staff should be experienced and able to provide demos on all products in-store.
  1. Disengaging customers. If a customer is visiting your store, they are looking to engage with you. 48% of customers are more loyal to the brands that leverage new technology to engage and connect. Showcase products and capabilities using AR or VR, use digital contracts and implement kiosks. Use engaging tech to create exciting experiences, and to boost efficiency by allowing customers to serve themselves.
  1. Providing standard experiences. Your customers are unique - stop treating them the same. Experiences need to be personalized to each customer and their specific needs. Provide sales staff with systems that recall customer history to create unique offers and up-sell related items.
  1. Leaving customers in the dark. Today's devices have so many capabilities and features. Be a hub for customers to learn more about the tech they own and the tech they want to own. Spend time and develop relationships with your customers by getting them engaged and confident with their devices.
  1. Providing limited journeys. 34% of consumers would rather take matters into their own hands with self-service. Empower customers and free sales staff from simple transactions and bill payments with kiosks. These stations are a win-win situation for you and your customers. Self-service stations allow for quick and easy transactions, and let customers avoid queues and drive their own experience.

These are six strategies that help telcos improve their experiences. Consumers have a set of expectations that need to be met, and if they aren't, telcos risk losing them.Interested in creating positive customer experiences? Connect with our team!

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