TelcoTalk: The Basis of a Digital Telco Store

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As a telco, your success is reliant on one thing – the experience of your customers.

Optimizing Customer Experience

Consumers need to be entertained, engaged, and efficiently served. How can telcos provide customers with the best possible experience at every touch-point? Consider these ideas:


Let’s start with the moment the customer enters the store. Nobody wants to walk into a store, ready to spend money, only to be ignored. Having greeters who welcome customers and engage  them, helps employees determine the reason for a customer’s visit and ensures they are effectively served.

Store Layout

Next, store layout. Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Once your customer is in your store, you don’t want them wandering around looking for help. It’s important to ensure queuing systems are clear and easily understood.

Tip: Implement a self-service option for customers who want to help themselves – it’ll speed up transaction times. Another option is offering customers the ability to book appointments and review items such as billing, new phone features, and complex sale set ups. This structure will limit the long lineups that turn people away.


While they are waiting, give customers the latest tools and services in a luxurious environment, give them entertainment options to watch or listen to, and a social area where they see your latest products.

Give your customers private areas for sales consultations and full product demos – don’t ever just give them the box in a carrier bag and send them away.

Build Loyalty

Build and nurture ongoing relationships by getting customers engaged and loving the tech they just purchased. Provide a seamless experience with fast checkouts and arm your sales reps with mobile tablets to check inventory levels, process transactions, and email digitally-signed contracts.

Finally, ask your customers how you’re doing. Hearing the bad is just as important as hearing the good and it gives you a chance to invite them back to see the changes implemented based on their feedback. It’s a great way to build loyalty.

What changes are you making to optimize your retail experience? Have you had an experience that has inspired retail greatness?

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