Workers Demand Digital Transformation

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I LOVE digital processes. Between email, and files saved in the cloud, very few aspects of my job rely on paper anymore.

That’s not true for every workplace though – and workers are not happy about it.

I came across an article on an Australian-based website called IT Brief. In the article, they discuss results from a research study that polled 1000 enterprise-level employees:

  • 1/3 of workers want digital tools to save time on paper processes (printing and filing). This can take up to 4 hours a week!

  • 50% of senior managers believe digital processes would make them more productive.

  • 49% of employees believe digital tools would reduce operating costs.

There is an obvious appetite for ditching paper-based processes. Yet surprisingly, only 4% of Aussie offices have a paper-free work environment.

The benefits of going paperless are so clear, I am shocked that digital tools have not gained more traction.

Fortunately, many telco carriers are ahead of the curve. Replacing paper contracts with digital ones is often the first step towards a fully digital workplace. Digital contracts are easy to implement, and the benefits are immediate and measurable. With time and cost savings, and improved security, the decision is so obvious in my mind.

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