TelcoTalk: The Digidextrous Store Model

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Attention Telco retailers: your store model is failing you! The good news? There’s a solution. It’s the Digidextrous store.

The Digidextrous store is the best way to wow your customers and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive world. The word Digidextrous is a mashup of Digital and Dexterity. These stores use connected digital systems for a superior customer experience.

A Digidextrous Dream

If I was designing a telco store, it would absolutely be Digidextrous. Let’s explore:

  • When you walk into my Digidextrous store, your first interaction is with a smart concierge. They find out who you are, why you’re visiting, and put you into a virtual queue. No more waiting in a lineup just to talk to somebody!

  • The store has experts to help you with your devices. These experts are readily available in person or virtually through apps like FaceTime or Skype. You are well taken care of in every store, in any location

  • The store has an assistance beacon. Just press the button and an employee will come find and help you.

  • The IoT controls every aspect of the store through a tablet. I can control the lights, the heat, or anything I might sell to my customers for their home.

  • I have 3D printing stations allowing customers make their own device cases. This creates an exciting customer experience – and the best part is – I don’t have to carry a ton of accessories that may never sell.

  • One of my store’s big distinguishers is workshop and education stations. This simple feature bridges the gap between product and service capability in addition to the knowledge of the average consumer.

  • The store has separate areas for collections and appointments to keep things moving efficiently.

  • No stop checkouts. Amazon GO has long already put these into production. In the future, this tech will be in all stores, including telcos. How refreshing would it be to start the transaction and simply walk out with your new device?

Changing the Retail Game

Now that I’ve said all that, I want you to think back to your most recent transaction in a telco store. It probably took over 30 minutes or longer, involved a lot of papers to sign, and was anything but inspiring or entertaining. This happened to me recently too.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

The Digidextrous store is already here. Invest in your retail stores so you can provide that wow experience or be left behind. There are many great retailers who are already doing this, and I’ll be talking about them in my next blog.

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