The Diverse Meanings of Diversity

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Diversity” is an important concept in today’s world. By its definition, diversity means to be different and varied. What’s especially interesting is that people’s thoughts on the topic are themselves diverse. For some, this might mean race, gender, worldviews and opinions, or something else entirely.

With such a diversity of opinions, so to speak, it is crucial that we define what that diversity means to us as a company. Having worked for many organizations over the years, I have seen that every organization has a different take on the concept. In the tech world, which is constantly evolving and adapting, having that diverse workforce can facilitate the changes that are needed to stay current and relevant.

Recognizing the Value of Opinions

In my opinion, diversity at its best is recognizing the value of opinions, points of view and cultural differences – whether that be race, gender, language, etc. As a female sitting at the leadership table, I feel I bring a different perspective and I believe it helps contribute to our company’s success.

The underrecognized power of diversity is the effect it can have on a company’s mindset. I firmly believe that the more varied and open your workplace is, the more successful you will be. Different perspectives can help you approach a problem from a different angle, recognize an opportunity that wasn’t seen before, and enhance the resilience of decision making processes.

Here at Maplewave, we value the sentiment of diversity. We operate in a global market that spans over 30 countries. That is a lot of different cultures, opinions, mindsets, languages, and needs! And on top of that, our staff hail from all over the world too. How could we not value and appreciate diversity when our everyday is so diverse!

In my next blog, I will talk about the concrete steps that Maplewave is making to support diversity and ensure our success and growth as an organization. This includes soliciting feedback from all staff, achieving pay equity regardless of gender, increasing the number of females in leadership positions, and harnessing immigration programs as a talent source.


Maplewave is a proud stage sponsor for the 2018 “Innovate Spring Finale”, presented by the Centre for Women in Business and Digital Nova Scotia. Join us on June 5th for an evening that celebrates innovation, women leaders and diversity champions.


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