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Q&A: Maplewave's Leaders Reflect on 2020 and What's to Come in 2021

A Q&A with Maplewave's Adam Baggs (CEO), Grant Carstensen (SVP Product and Solutions) and Will Gibson (VP Sales & Marketing) to dicuss the future of telco retail and how telcos can evolve their omnichannel strategy.

The 3 Things Telcos With Limited Budgets Should Invest In

Thanks to the chaos that is 2020, telcos are facing the challenges of having disrupted budgets, jumbled timelines, and ambiguous futures. But one thing is certain: those who adapt and are bold will come out on top.

Retail Best Practices in the Time of COVID-19

Curious to learn how telcos are adjusting to meet their customer’s needs while maintaining everyone’s safety during COVID-19? Check out this blog!

Omnichannel Is Now More Important Than Ever

Omnichannel has always been important but now more than ever, retailers across the world are learning just how important an omnichannel strategy is. In this blog learn about the difference an omnichannel strategy can make in uncertain times.

Telco Customer Experience During Turbulent Times

Trying to find a "new normal"? ‍Read Will Gibson's blog and learn how telco retailers can adjust to meet the current circumstances and to keep moving forward. ‍

How Has COVID-19 Affected Telco Digital Transformation?

COVID-19 taught the telco industry a lot. Now, it's time to implement those learnings and prepare for whatever the future brings.

6 Things Your Telco Staff Must Do to Enable Incredible Customer Experiences

Unlock the barriers holding back your salespeople from reaching their full potential by ensuring they can accomplish these 6 things.

How AI Can Enhance the Retail Experience

In it’s early stages, AI has already seen consumer adoption. How can telco retailers use AI to create seamless customer journeys?

Why Telcos Need to be Social Media Experts

Just how important is social media to young customers? And how can telcos best leverage this new channel to reach this demographic?

How Telcos can Leverage Social Responsibility to Appeal to Young Customers

Ignorance is not bliss. Telcos that refuse to play an active role in bettering the world aren’t going to cut it for Gen Z or Alpha.

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